Image Segmentation in Satellite Imagery


1,200 miles above our heads are hundreds of satellites in low earth orbit travelling at 17,000 miles an hour that are taking high-resolution images of the earth. The aim of this is to understand our world in ever-increasing detail.

Environmental degradation is one area of focus within satellite imagery that is aiming to measure the impact of deforestation as well as natural phenomena, such as wildfires on our environment.

The dangers of mass land-use changes are obvious to all - biodiversity loss and species extinction, in addition to increased flooding and other extreme weather events being just a few.

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The Challenge

A U.S. company was building a model to detect changing environmental landscapes and they needed to segment large satellite images so that their model could identify different types of land use.

Aya Data’s challenge was to segment roads, rivers, lakes, residential use, industrial use and natural terrain into different classes within 2,000 ultra-high resolution satellite images of South America. 

Identifying human-led deforestation was a particular challenge within this project.

The Solution

Aya Data used its image segmentation experts in Ghana to accurately label 2,000 ultra-high resolution satellite images. Teams experienced in labelling satellite imagery were critical to delivering the project to the right degree of accuracy within the given timeframe.

Computer Vision Vs Environmental Degradation

The complexity and scale of each image meant that the images had to be viewed in part and as a whole to provide perspective and context to larger-scale objects such as man-made rivers originating at hydro-electrical plants.


The video images labeled by Aya Data were used to accurately train a custom computer vision model to detect the changing land uses in regions of South America.

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