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Online advertising is pivotal to brand and business success, not just at enterprise or SMB level, but for small businesses too. However, given that the Google Display Network alone consists of over 200 million sites, apps, and videos, placing adverts involves risk by association to harmful content. 

Association to certain content generates brand trust issues, and is increasingly important in today’s business environment where Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is of critical importance. 

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The Challenge

Harmful web content is highly subjective. While some content is universally perceptible as harmful, regardless of cultural interpretation, other milder content requires the application of cultural knowledge. Moreover, culture-specific references, e.g. memes, muddy the intelligibility of internet content. This often throws off automated content moderation software.

As such, it's often necessary to apply cultural and linguistic skills when moderating milder content.

Aya Data uses a combination of techniques to moderate content, even when it's ambiguous.

The Solution

Aya Data can source websites, videos and other content for advertisers, scraping data to parse for harmful content, or other content the client doesn't want to associate their adverts with. We can also work with datasets containing anything from web page URLs to social media data, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube posts, tweets, videos, etc.

By working with a client's ontology, we can parse and filter content at scale, vastly lowering the risk that a client's adverts or other content is placed somewhere it can damage trust or reputation.

We are also aware of the ethical debate surrounding content moderation. Aya Data never expose our staff to traumatic or obscene content, and pay the utmost regard to working conditions and mental health when working on sensitive topics.


By using a combination of automated techniques, Aya Data are able to demonstrably reduce the risk of advert placement. The linguistic skills of our staff are a tremendous asset here, as is our transparent, ethical work culture and attention to detail.

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