Medical Imaging


Medical diagnostics and imaging are essential to a quick and effective healthcare system. Identifying disease from images requires exceptional skill and expertise, especially when dealing with challenging medical conditions such as subtle cancers, brain and nerve lesions and eye disease.

Computer vision has already demonstrated its effectiveness in diagnosing medical conditions from a range of medical images, including X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine imaging (PET), optical coherence tomography (OCT) and CT scans. Google DeepMind is already capable of outperforming experts in diagnosing complex eye diseases from OCT scans, for example.

Harnessing AI and ML in medical imaging enables experts to direct their time and skills towards higher-level tasks such a treatment and research, rather than time-consuming diagnostics. Speeding up diagnostic processes helps streamline the entire healthcare system, ensuring patients get timely treatment.


Medical Diagnostics and Imaging


Department of Radiology at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC)

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The Challenge

Creating medical and healthcare datasets is often difficult because of patient privacy, anonymity, data protection laws and internal protocol. Labeling teams must gain full consent, and then anonymize all data. These collaborations are few and far between.

However, by working directly with the medical profession and patients near our base in Ghana, Aya Data were able to foster a collaborative workflow.

The Solution

Aya Data worked with radiologists at the Department of Radiology at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC). Our task is to create exceptional training datasets from an array of medical images across various imaging technologies.

Patient privacy and consent is of the utmost importance. Our data labelers work with both medical professionals and patients in-situ, ensuring the process is explained thoroughly and consent gained.


Aya Data is engaged in an ongoing partnership with the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC). By working with professionals and patients, we've been able to create cutting-edge training data to train medical diagnostics models. All of our data is fully compliant.

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