Data Processing

Enhance your data sets with Formatting, Arrangement, Visualisation and De-duplication

At Aya Data our aim is to use the skills of our workforce alongside the latest technology to help you to extract value from your data. As well as being Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision domain experts, we are talented Data manipulators. Our data analysts are adept at cleansing, sorting, formatting and visualising large data sets.

What is Data Processing?

Data processing is the action of manipulating and cleansing data so organizations can access its value. It can also help improve the value of data through the classification, management, and enrichment of information. Our data cleansing services will help you prepare your data for everything from data preprocessing for machine learning and AI to analytics, transfer, and system migration.

How does Data Processing work?

Aya Data’s data processing services leverage various tools to manage and analyze data to provide clear insight and usability. Our team are experts in tools and technologies like SQL, Alteryx, and PowerBI to provide the best possible service for our clients. In addition to data processing, our data management services can help you store and manage your datasets.

Today, data processing companies must understand the importance of security - that’s why Aya Data are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant and provide dedicated high-security delivery centers for sensitive data. 

Data Processing as a whole uses a number of different techniques to offer rewarding observations, such as:

  • Data Collection (INPUT)
  • Data Aggregation
  • Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Information (OUTPUT)
  • Big Data processing

Aya Data are data management specialists - data science, engineering, and analytics projects demand clean, well-managed data to derive insight and make valuable data usable up and downstream.

Why Aya Data

Our mission is twofold: Create good jobs in emerging economies and deliver exceptional data labelling services. As well as contributing to the advancement of AI globally, we are focussed on developing the next generation of West African data experts.

To deliver the best data labelling service, we prioritise:


The only way to exceed expectations is to understand them in real-time. Effective communication is a requirement of achieving the best outcomes, fast.


We follow the highest standards of data security and are GDPR and SOC 2 complaint. For highly sensitive data we provide dedicated high-security delivery centers.


Quality is defined by you. Once your KPIs are set, we iterate our workflow to deliver the exact results that you need to get the best out of your model.


As well as genuine career prospects and a competitive wage, our team have the option of free technical training through our University Partners.





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