Transcription Specialist

Accra, Ghana

What are we looking for?


We are Aya Data, we provide data labelling and transcription services to companies with machine learning projects to enable them to train their Artificial Intelligence models.  

Much like how a human being learns from seeing and reading, Artificial Intelligence learns from visual and text data. The more data it interacts with the better it can understand the world. However, this data must be prepared in the correct way (labelled) before it can be used to train AI.


Aya Data's Transcription team is focused on helping companies in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector to train their AI models to understand English. What it means in practice is taking large amounts of audio, and transcribing it in a way that a machine can understand it.


Aya is looking for bright candidates with excellent English skills to help take on this challenge and grow the business. 


You'll be working directly with the Quality Assurance Leads, Team Leads and Operations Managers of Aya Data to deliver an outstanding quality of service to our international clients.


The opportunities to progress through our organisation are clearly laid out - with successful employees increasing salary, responsibility, and gaining the chance to learn about Data Science.


What you'll be working on

-      Listening to real life audio clips and transcribing them accurately into written English

-      Web based research in order to build out data sets

-      Managing data security and confidentiality 


Your Skills and Experience

-      Have a University Degree in a relevant field (English, History, Politics, Journalism etc.)

-      Have outstanding written and spoken English skills

-      Be able to type in English at over 30 WPM

-      Be highly experienced on computers and the internet

-      Be proficient on basic software (MS Excel and Word)

-      Be familiar with and interested in the AI industry

-      Be diligent with a proactive attitude and a willingness to learn and give their best

-      Be able to manage their own time to meet project output requirements with regards to speed and accuracy


How we partner with you

At Aya we practice what we preach. You'll do some of the most impactful work of your career, and we'll sort the boring bits.


💸 Competitive salary


📅 Flexible working -we're serious about life-work balance and will aim to accommodate working from home


🏖 Minimum of 24 days of holidays a year

Next Steps

Before we get started, you will need to complete some tests. Please follow the links below and complete the tests. Please make sure to make a note of your results, and capture a screenshot of your results for each of the tests.

English Test

Attention to Detail Test




Audio Transcription

Once you have finished all tests, please click apply. Within the application form you will be asked to input the results of your tests, and to provide the screenshots of the test results.

Tests will take up to 1 hour and 30 mins to complete.