About Us

Aya Data is the largest provider of data annotation services in West Africa. We are on a mission to create thousands of good jobs in data annotation and develop the first centre of AI excellence in the region - bringing the benefits of AI to bear in a place where they can make the biggest impact.

After 12 years of building successful enterprises in West Africa, we recognised too well the gap between the abundance of talent and the sheer lack of good jobs.

It takes a graduate from one of Ghana's 65+ universities an average of seven years to start a professional career.

In 2021, we founded our company to address this imbalance and created opportunities where talent already exists. We named ourselves Aya after the Adinkra symbol for resourcefulness and endurance, a reflection of our team who have found a way to succeed in a complex industry, and who never give up on a challenge

Our Mission

Deliver exceptional data services to power machine learning initiatives globally, and create futures in technology in West Africa

Our Vision

Create 10,000's of good, technology focussed jobs in emerging economies and build Africa's first globally renowned centre for AI excellence

Join us and unlock your potential as part of the team that is paving the way for AI in West Africa.

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