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Transform raw data for computer vision, NLP, and 3D AI models with our precise annotation techniques. Our team of experts ensures the highest accuracy, enabling you to train your models with confidence.

AI Solutions

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Leverage the power of drones, data and AI to unlock precision agriculture and forestry. Custom data management systems that rely on complex machine learning and gesopatial AI models to generate insights.

AI Chatbot
Development Solutions

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Elevate your client experience and customer service team productivity with conversational AI chatbots for any task, any communication channel, and any system.


Case Studies

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Combining Soil Acidity Data with Product Sales to Create Unique Business Intelligence


Demeter, an agricultural inputs supplier that operates in West Africa, specializes in working with smallholder farmers to enhance crop yields using primarily organic fertilizers. In order to optimize their product offers and serve the needs of their customers, Demeter sought to utilize open-source

Leveraging Drones and AI to Increase the Efficiency and Decrease Risk in Reforestation Projects


Oko Environmental, a reforestation company dedicated to combating climate change by establishing indigenous forests in West Africa, intended to utilize drones and machine learning solutions to gather valuable data and insights

Digitizing African Healthcare Data for a More Equitable Future in Medicine


Many businesses in Africa still rely on paper-based records. Often, this leads to slow and cumbersome processes and the information is limited, hindering the possibility to make data-driven decisions. Accurate and accessible information is nowhere as important as in the healthcare system…

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Using AI and Drones to Create Precision Agricultural Systems for Commercial Farming


Managing large-scale commercial farms necessitates a lot of progress tracking and repetitive tasks, in addition to being manually overwhelming. However, crop management systems powered by drone-fed computer vision models are a solution to the traditional system of manual data collection, while improving data accuracy and providing valuable insights into farming operations.

Building a Model to Rapidly Identify Disease in Ghana’s Maize Plants


Maize is one of the most important crops for Ghana’s agricultural industry; there have been significant, largely successful, investments into finding solutions to increase yields over the years. However, maize diseases still pose a significant challenge for maize farmers and communities.

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Building African Language Voicebots to Enable Better B2C Interactions


AI chatbots and voicebots have become some of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for increasing customer satisfaction. These tools can provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, lowering the workload of customer support teams, reducing response times, and enabling 24-hour customer support. Consequently, many businesses have rapidly started implementing these tools.

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Real-Time Transcription of American Police Radios


Crime is a global problem which, due to the diversity of its causes, needs a local solution. In the US crime is never far from the political agenda and has played a prominent role in the majority of presidential election campaigns in the modern era. This is perhaps unsurprising in a region where over 500k violent crimes are reported annually (2021).

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Identifying Shoplifting Events in Real Time


There are over 200 million instances of shoplifting per year in the United States alone, which is more than 500,000 a day. This ‘victimless crime’ is neither harmless nor without impact as consumers face higher prices and police and courts struggle to keep up with the burgeoning problem.

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Preparing Autonomous Vehicles for the Growing Popularity of E-Scooters


The global electric scooter market size is expected to reach USD 34.7 billion by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 7.6%. Needless to say, this is changing the landscape of transportation, especially in urban areas. The growth will impact public transportation, city infrastructure, and critically, how self-driving cars should be trained to ensure the safety of the people around them.

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Environmental Change Detection Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery


1,200 miles above our heads are hundreds of satellites in low earth orbit traveling at 17,000 miles an hour that are taking high-resolution images of the earth. The aim of this is to understand our world in ever-increasing detail.

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We struggled with sales data visualisation using our existing CRM, Aya built a bespoke dashboard to geolocate our sales and display them on a map with a host of other metrics, in incredible detail. This has informed the revision of our entire sales strategy, it has been an invaluable asset.

Rocco Falconer

Demeter Holdings

Aya Data have performed complex 3D data labelling tasks with our machine learning team at Cydar Medical and helped us accelerate our research and development. We especially value their diligence, their attention to detail and focus on high quality, their excellent teamwork and communication, and their record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Tom Carrell

Founder and Chief
Medical Officer, Cydar Medical

We worked with Ayadata to build and label huge datasets; their team was responsive and did their job as expected. They were flexible and accommodated our changing schedule, we appreciate working with their team.

Aya's value is in consistently delivering very high quality of work over a long period at a reasonable price, without dropping standards. They deal well with complex use cases requiring pixel perfect precision, fast communication means very little rework. This helps us to bring our models to production faster. They have become an invaluable part of our annotation process.

Thomas Perry

Annotations Manager,
Dogtooth Technologies

dogtooth logo

We had a fantastic experience working with Aya Data. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to our business needs was truly impressive. They delivered the request data project accurately, on time, and within the quoted budget. We highly recommend their services.

We’re pleased to have a positive relationship with the whole Aya Data team. They are diligent and committed to continuous improvement and our teams enjoy working together. Utilising V7’s leading platform and Aya’s dedicated annotator workforce, we're pleased to partner with this team, and are one of a few companies that have actively put themselves forward to become V7 accredited.

Lauren Hale

Partnerships Director, V7 Labs

We approached Aya to build a bespoke computer vision solution to monitor seedling germination rates using drones. They developed, trained and deployed the models extremely quickly and with excellent results. I now have a single source of truth dashboard to monitor. The success of our reforestation project.

Chris Rothera

Oko Environmental

We had many photos to label in a short period of time, so we decided to outsource the task.

Aya Data did not only meet our time constraints, but also our complicated annotation requirements.

Richard Parcell

CTO of EarthRover

earth-rover logo

Aya Data have been a reliable partner, covering a range of different use cases and sectors with us.

We know we can trust them with complexity, meeting tough deadlines and most importantly to communicate clearly and effectively at all times.

Marley Jones

Senior Project Manager
at Labelbox

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