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Commitment to Security Assurance

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In a nationwide effort to digitize every sector of the Ghanian economy, Deputy Minister of Finance Dr. John A. Kumah recently assured businesses that the government is prioritizing the upscale of the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities, ensuring a safe cyber environment in the private sector.

Dr. Kumah stressed the importance of cybersecurity as a necessity for stable successful businesses and to further advance the socio-economic situation of Ghanians. “For every business that is created, opens an opportunity not only for employment but reduction in poverty, thereby, improving the standard of living of Ghanians and economic growth. This is the more reason why the government will not stop at anything in its efforts to ensure an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive,” Dr. Kumah said.

Ghana is well on its way to enhancing its cyber security in the private sector. As part of its Agenda 2063 for transforming Africa, the African Union has identified cybersecurity as a key priority; this project is guided by the African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection which established a “credible framework for cybersecurity in Africa through organization of electronic transactions, protection of personal data, promotion of cyber security, e-governance and combating cybercrime”. Ghana was one the first countries to ratify this treaty, demonstrating their commitment to improve cybersecurity for all businesses.

What does a widespread commitment to cybersecurity mean for your artificial intelligence or machine learning project? While AI and ML projects require outsourced data annotation services, companies need to share more than just data to bring a project to completion. The relationship between the client company and the outsourcing company requires trust, trust in sharing data, business objectives, and specific functionality. When outsourcing labeling to a provider, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness is equally important as first ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

In order to maintain security assurance in your outsourced data labeling project, build a relationship of trust with your provider.

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Finding a Partner

Is the company you’re working with capable of providing services specific to your project? When finding a compatible partner amongst all the different outsourcing vendors, make sure they have the software and workforce capabilities to meet your project needs.

Quality Over Cost

Don’t allow cost-effective services to undermine your project’s quality. A managed workforce outperforms crowdsourced workforces and delivers better accuracy. Trust in a company that understands the nuances of your business model and can deliver quality results with secure assurance.

Ask Questions

Establish open communication with your potential provider by asking essential questions. What security enforcement measures are in place? What training process do your labelers go through? Is the working environment secure? What quality assurance measures are in place?

Taking these steps when finding an outsourced data annotation provider can proactively integrate security assurance into your AI or ML project. Trust in a provider like Aya Data, where at a national, company, and individual level, commitment to secure and quality data is an utmost priority.