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V7 and Aya Data Announce Partnership for Accelerating Visual AI Development

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Today V7 & Aya Data announce partnership for end-to-end training data delivery, specializing in supporting AI development for geospatial industries including agriculture.


Today V7, the leading data annotation platform for building AI, and Aya Data, the largest data services and AI solutions provider in West Africa, are delighted to announce our partnership for end-to-end training data delivery, enabling customers to accelerate AI development at scale.

This partnership brings together the latest AI-powered technology for data annotation on V7 Darwin and Aya Data’s premium annotation services (including deep domain expertise in medical and agriculture) to deliver best-in-class training data for complex computer vision projects. It is also a big step forward for Aya Data’s mission to create thousands of opportunities for employment in advanced technology in low income regions.

We’ve already seen huge success applying our partnership to support AI development in teams at the forefront of a number of industries, in companies such as Continental, Dogtooth Technologies, and Lambda-Automata.

With our partnership, customers of the V7 and Aya Data partnership can expect the following:


Best-in-class Data Annotation

Our partnership combines the precision of V7 Darwin’s auto-annotation suite with the expertise of Aya Data’s annotators, including specialists such as doctors and agronomists, to set >99.9% accuracy as the standard for all customer projects. This commitment to excellence includes both image and video annotations, as well as specialist medical formats including DICOM.


Efficient and Timely Data Delivery

Delays in data delivery are costly for product development so efficiency is a priority. AI-powered and model-assisted annotation tools on V7 Darwin ensure 10x faster data labelling, further accelerated by Aya Data’s team of pre-trained labelling professionals operating with 20% slack ahead of deadlines at all times. 

Excellent Communication & Data Insights

Customers of our joint solution can be as involved as they desire. Constant communication from the annotation workforce and live insights from data/model performance reports on Darwin enable us to catch areas of improvement significantly faster and eliminate the costs of wasted data production.


Complete Data Security

Data security and compliance are top concerns for both V7 and Aya Data, especially for handling sensitive customer data. Our joint solution is GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, and customers can retain all data within their own cloud storage. For sensitive projects, dedicated high-security Clean Rooms can also be provided if necessary.


Insights from AI leadership:


Alberto Rizzoli, CEO of V7 reflected on the partnership: 

“Partnering with Aya Data is a strategic step in our mission to deliver complete training data services that help tackle our customers’ hardest challenges. With Aya Data’s expertise in data annotations, this collaboration reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions with speed and precision, ultimately driving value for our customers and stakeholders.”







Sam Sundin, CCO of Aya Data 

“This partnership represents more than just a business alliance; it symbolizes a shared commitment to leveraging collective strengths and expertise to address complex challenges and seize new opportunities. Together, V7 and Aya Data envision broadening our market presence and tapping into unexplored potential. With our resources and expertise merged, we achieve concrete business results.”


What’s Next?

For V7 and Aya Data this is only the start of an exciting partnership to accelerate AI development and  bring the benefits of AI to a place where it can make the biggest impact. Following this announcement, we’re excited to offer our combined end-to-end training data delivery service to customers, supporting computer vision and GenAI development globally. 


Who are V7?

V7 Darwin is a leading training data platform, enabling organizations to seamlessly create, label, query, and manage extensive visual datasets for impactful and trustworthy AI. Trusted by Roche, Miele, Sony, Bayer and Merck – V7 has enabled a wide range of pioneering companies to accelerate AI product delivery, standardize AI development and reduce costs in the process – making computer vision a less painful process.

Media contact: Lily@v7labs.com


Who are Aya Data?

Aya Data is a leading provider of AI services, operating from Africa and serving the global market. Aya covers the entire AI value chain with competencies including data acquisition, data annotation, and data science. Our commitment to exceptional service, quality, security, and cost-effectiveness has earned the trust of clients like Tidal Music, DP world, Cydar Medical and Dogtooth Technologies.

Media contact: keren@ayadata.ai