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ai sentience

The AI Sentience Debate

When does AI become sentient? We are inching closer to a consensus

data classification

What is Data Classification in Machine Learning?

Data classification is a fundamental concept in machine learning without which most ML models simply couldn’t function. Many real-world applications of AI have data classification at the core – from credit score analysis to medical diagnosis. So how does it work?  That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. We will explain what classification in ML […]

africa rainforest

Leveraging Big Data and AI to Regrow West Africa’s Rainforests

How Aya and Oko are Advancing the Next Step in ClimateTech 1. The Client Oko Environmental is bringing ClimateTech to West Africa. Through the pioneering reforestation methodology of Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), Oko is committed to combating climate change through the establishment of indigenous rainforests, growing only native and naturalized tree species in collaboration with […]

data annotation

The Different Types of Data Annotation Explained

Data annotation is a basic step, the foundation of all artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. You simply can’t have a functioning ML model that was created without processing data. And there are many types of data annotation, depending on the needs of given projects. That is what will be discussed in this article – […]

machine learning

A Guide to Overfitting and Underfitting in Machine Learning

Yes, machine learning is a powerful tool that enables computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed. However, accurate predictions and correct decisions are based on the ML model understanding patterns and being able to generalize to new, unseen data. Which leads us to overfitting and underfitting in machine […]

video annotation

Guide to Video Annotation for Computer Vision

As a subcategory of data annotation, video annotation is used in training AI models and improving their accuracy. But what exactly is video annotation and how does it work? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of video annotation, exploring its importance, methods, and best practices. Whether you’re a beginner or an […]