3D Annotation

3D Bounding Box, 3D Polygon, 3D Semantic Segmentation annotation services

Machine Training With Laser Clarity

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) data equips machine learning models with the ability to sense and understand the 3D world around them.

LIDAR labeling
LIDAR (light detection and ranging) enables the collection of state-of-the-art topographic and bathymetric data capture.

Point clouds and 3D mapping enhance ML applications in a huge range of industries, sectors and academic disciplines, including: 

  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Geomorphology
  • Archaeology
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental science
  • Climatology
  • Forestry
  • Technology, e.g. driverless vehicles, UAVs, camera and imaging technologies

3D Data Annotation Services

LIDAR annotation converts complex 3D data into training datasets.

3D training data is essential to building sophisticated autonomous vehicles and ML models that need to make sense of complex urban and natural environments.

Aya Data are LIDAR labeling specialists.

We can help you build powerful 3D datasets to facilitate the training of next-gen 3D computer vision (CV) models.

LIDAR Labeling For Cutting Edge Models

Aya Data has built and deployed LIDAR datasets in cutting-edge scientific and commercial contexts where understanding the world from above is a priority - this is one of the most complex forms of data labeling and annotation. 

By leveraging the very best LIDAR annotation tools, our team of professional annotators can deliver exceptional datasets for the most demanding projects.

3D LIDAR annotation is a complex task that requires skill, experience, and domain knowledge.

  • We possess proven experience in LIDAR annotation.
  • Our LIDAR annotation services draw upon the latest cutting-edge LIDAR labeling tools and the combined skills of our LIDAR data annotation specialists.
  • We provide in-depth LIDAR annotation training to all team members.
LIDAR labeling
3D LIDAR labeling

Our Expertise

3D Bounding Boxes

3D bounding boxes represent objects in three-dimensional space. When combined with LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data, 3D bounding boxes can provide highly accurate object localization and recognition for complex ML applications, such as autonomous driving, robotics, and mapping. 

3D bounding boxes encapsulate objects within a cuboid, taking into account their height, width, and length. These boxes provide valuable information about objects' position, size, and orientation.

3D Polygon

3D polygons represent the surface of three-dimensional objects more accurately than bounding boxes. 

A 3D polygon is a closed shape composed of multiple vertices connected by edges in a 3D space. Combined with LIDAR, 3D polygons can be employed to create a mesh representation of the point cloud.

3D Semantic Segmentation

3D semantic segmentation involves assigning semantic labels to every point within a 3D point cloud. Each point in the point cloud is assigned a semantic label, such as "car," "pedestrian," or "building."

This process enables the identification and understanding of individual objects and their parts in a three-dimensional scene.

3D semantic segmentation can deliver highly accurate and granular object recognition and classification for demanding applications.

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Why Aya Data

Our mission is to deliver exceptional data annotation services and create good jobs in emerging economies. Our recruitment process selects for capability and resourcefulness, not academic credentials. Once a part of the family our staff receive continuous training to help them reach their potential.

Alongside our talent, we differentiate on:


Only way to exceed expectations is to understand them in real-time. Effective communication is a requirement of achieving the best outcomes, fast.


Computer vision companies today need to maintain ultra-tight security protocol and compliance. That’s why we maintain the highest standards of data security and are GDPR and SOC 2 compliant. In addition, for sensitive projects, we provide dedicated high-security Clean Rooms.


Quality is defined by you. Once KPIs are set, we iterate our workflow to deliver the exact results that you need to get the best out of your model. We leverage cutting-edge tools in all computer vision machine learning projects.


Delays cost money. We operate with 20% slack at all times to ensure that you have the data to meet your deadlines.





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