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The Importance of Data Quality for Machine Learning: How Bad Data Kills Projects

Despite fears of AI taking over the world, at its core, AI is still reactionary and doesn’t truly learn on its own. It can only make predictions based on the data it’s given. That is why data quality for machine learning and AI should be at the core of every project. Without high-quality training data, […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Data Acquisition for Machine Learning

You will hear many data scientists use the phrase ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. In the world of machine learning, it means that an algorithm will not serve its intended purpose if the training data is no good. And professional data acquisition for machine learning is the first step to having good training data. That is […]

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Basic Data Collection Methods for Machine Learning Projects Explained

Data collection might seem like a simple process on the surface. But because it’s the basic building block of all ML projects, the data needs to be accurate, relevant, and cover all iterations of a problem. Consequently, it is crucial which data collection methods for machine learning are employed to gather it. Without a good […]

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The Benefits of Having a Human-in-the-Loop For Machine Learning and AI Projects

The power of machine learning and artificial intelligence goes beyond their flashy features and a futuristic vibe. Even though these technologies aren’t flawless, they have already transformed many industries and are poised to continue doing so in the future. From healthcare to finance to transportation, machine learning, and AI are streamlining processes, improving accuracy, and […]

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News, Research, and Social Media as Sources for Datasets

In the age of big data, datasets are crucial for research, analysis, and decision-making in various industries. But where do these datasets come from? Traditional sources, such as government agencies and academic institutions, are still important, but there is a wide variety of new sources available through news, research, and social media. With the rise […]

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The Most Important Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques Explained

Do you struggle to optimize your website’s keywords for search engine ranking? Are you tired of manually analyzing and selecting keywords for your content? Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques may be your solution. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between computers and human language. It has been increasingly applied […]