Accra, Ghana

Published: 17/07/2023

Until: 18/08/2023


We are Aya Data, we provide data labelling services to companies with machine learning  (ML) projects to enable them to train their ML models. Much like how a human being learns  from seeing and reading, Artificial Intelligence learns from visual and text data. The more  data it interacts with the better it can achieve its function. However, this data must be  prepared in the correct way (labelled) before it can be used to train AI.  

We are looking for a bright, eager candidate to join our team as Technical Operations  Manager. This people and process focussed role involves taking accountability for  developing, managing, and continually optimizing a workforce portfolio that can deliver  excellent quality, consistently, at scale. 

The Technical Operations Manager is the point of escalation and is ultimately accountable for  the delivery of outstanding quality of service across a portfolio of international clients.  

The opportunities to progress through our organization are clearly laid out – with successful  employees increasing salary, responsibility, and gaining the chance to learn about Data  Science.


  • Accountable for the successful delivery of projects in a portfolio
  • Assist Solutions and Sales teams with quote feasibility
  • Contribute to the design, implementation, and monitoring of operational processes
  • Oversee resource planning and project training within the portfolio
  • Responsible for shifts planning
  • Oversee hiring requirements and other staffing forecasts
  • Report to HR function on workforce capability
  • Assist the L&D function with needs-based training agenda
  • Oversee feedback and disciplinary action for portfolio workforce
  • Apply industry best practices to design, develop and implement operational risk  mitigation strategies
  • Oversee hardware and infrastructure for portfolio workforce
  • Oversee Data analytics and reporting function
  • Report to the executive team


  • Excellent understanding of process and delivery systems
  • Have a good understanding of how much process is the right amount, and a
    deep  conviction to automate everything and anything
  • Understand Use Cases / Capability
  • Understand Tech Platforms + Automation
  • Excellent people management skills + authoritative and experienced leader
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Strong communicator

To apply, please submit your CV to