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Leverage cutting-edge chatbot capabilities to streamline your business operations


70+ languages and accents supported
with a strong Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine


Smart documentation with AI-powered OCR,
real-time document builder and e-signature


Integrations with ChatGPT, fine-tuned to your context,
to generate highly realistic, human-like text


Live agent support interface for handover to
customer service agents for more complex conversations


System analytics and dashboard for insights about
customer interactions and other usage statistics


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integrations using UiPath,
Blueprism or other software for end-to-end business process automation



Omni - channel
user interface

Engage customers via voice or text across major platforms

Custom Al Chatbot

Trained on your organization's unique processes and knowledge base


Connect via APIs and RPA to existing IT systems and Al services

Conversational AI chatbots
bring significant value to all your business stakeholders:


Accessible anytime, anywhere: service your clients around the clock, providing support when your customers need it


Instant support: Clients receive instant assistance, reducing wait times and frustration


Quality services: Increase CSAT by eliminating user error and consistency through standardised processes


Save time and lower cost: Scale faster while keeping costs low – chatbots work 24 hours a day and 3x faster than a human


Increase productivity: Chatbots handle routine inquiries, allowing teams to focus on high-value tasks


Data-Driven insights: Gain valuable insights from chatbot analytics to make informed decisions and refine customer engagement strategies


field with a tree

Combining Soil Acidity Data with Product Sales to Create Unique Business Intelligence


Demeter, an agricultural inputs supplier that operates in West Africa, specializes in working with smallholder farmers to enhance crop yields using primarily organic fertilizers. In order to optimize their product offers and serve the needs of their customers, Demeter sought to utilize open-source

Leveraging Drones and AI to Increase the Efficiency and Decrease Risk in Reforestation Projects


Oko Environmental, a reforestation company dedicated to combating climate change by establishing indigenous forests in West Africa, intended to utilize drones and machine learning solutions to gather valuable data and insights

drone flying

Using AI and Drones to Create Precision Agricultural Systems for Commercial Farming


Managing large-scale commercial farms necessitates a lot of progress tracking and repetitive tasks, in addition to being manually overwhelming. However, crop management systems powered by drone-fed computer vision models are a solution to the traditional system of manual data collection, while improving data accuracy and providing valuable insights into farming operations.

Building a Model to Rapidly Identify Disease in Ghana’s Maize Plants


Maize is one of the most important crops for Ghana’s agricultural industry; there have been significant, largely successful, investments into finding solutions to increase yields over the years. However, maize diseases still pose a significant challenge for maize farmers and communities.

Sourcing and Annotating Large Volumes of Agricultural Imagery for Precision Spraying


Client X is a leading AgTech company focused on improving agricultural productivity and sustainability through cutting-edge technology solutions. Their aim was to have their in-house data science team develop a computer vision model that would detect and identify weeds.


Our solution helps organizations automate and streamline a wide range of tasks
– with a conversational user experience – in any of the following industries

two people in office doing data acquisition and annotation services for fintech

Banking & Finance

  • Product marketing, 
  • Account opening, 
  • Loan calculator, 
  • KYC, 
  • Contact center integrations.

happy family sitting in the living room and looking at the computer


  • Product marketing, 
  • Customer onboarding, 
  • Policy generation,
  • Claims management, 
  • Live chat customer service.

overview ct scanner section of the human body


  • Online triage, 
  • Pharmacy Assistant, 
  • Virtual Consultation,
  • Appointment Management, 
  • Symptom checker.

milk in a tetra pack on the shelves


  • Marketing, 
  • Lead capturing,
  • Order management,
  • Inventory management,
  • Customer service.

Customer Service

  • Live agent support,
  • Product information,
  • Ticket management,
  • Satisfaction survey,
  • Order tracking.


  • Pre-flight assistance,
  • In-flight services,
  • Post-flight information,
  • Offer and promotions,
  • Frequent flyer programs.


  • Product information,
  • Billing and payments,
  • Service activation/porting,
  • Technical support,
  • Complaint management.


  • Service registrations,
  • Information dissemination,
  • Emergency Relief management,
  • Business registrations, 
  • Program management.

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