Harness the power of AI to transform Agriculture and Forestry projects

State-of-the-art product suite that uses advanced geospatial algorithms and AI-based data analytics to generate intelligent insights for data-informed decisions.

Reduce resource wastage, manage risk and boost production yields
with our precision agriculture and smart forestry solution

Intelligent AI-based data analytics at scale

Commercial plantations and forestry projects face a number of common challenges. They can be costly to monitor manually due to their sheer size and need huge amounts of real-time data to run efficiently and profitably.

Using geospatial and algorithmic models deployed over cloud, Aya empowers organisations to automate traditionally manual operations at scale.


Tree counting:
count and geolocate trees and other landed assets


Yield prediction:
predict future yields before harvest


Nutrient deficiency detection:
visualise plant health through vegetation indexes


Pest and disease detection:
identify at risk crops early for timely interventions


Blank spot analysis:
identify sites that can be replated for land optimization

Aya Smart Palm Management Solution

Cloud-based geospatial AI solution for palm plantations:


Tree counting: model built with data from Africa and Malaysia; with 20,000 instances of palm trees; crown size, height, geolocation, Precision rate: 98%


Bunch counting and grading: count palm bunches and assess the evel of ripeness to an accuracy of 96% using RGB drone imagery


Yield prediction: methodology leverages aerial data, GIS and field data to accurately forecast palm yield before harvest


Nutrient Detection: visualize plant health status through vegetation indexes such as NDVI


Pest and disease: identify areas affected by leaf spots, blight spots, red palm weevil and others with 95% accuracy.

How does our solution work


Capture aerial images of your farm or land assets via drone - in RGB, multispectral, LiDAR, NDVI or Hyperspectral formats


Process data with our state of the art machine learning algorithms that have been fine-tuned and trained to your specific requirements


Visualise KPIs, trends and insights on an interactive dashboard or via your required output format into existing systems

Why work with us ?

We combine the best Geospatial, ML and DevOps engineers with top technology and our in-house data collection and annotation teams to deliver the highest grade of solutions, affordably.


Our optimised algorithms reduce manual operations by 60%


models are trained on a large dataset in various conditions


Comprehensive reporting tailored to your specific needs


integrateoutputs seamlessly with existing systems


in-house domain knowledge in agriculture and forestry sectors

One stop shop:

from data acquisition, labelling, model building & deployment


field with a tree

Combining Soil Acidity Data with Product Sales to Create Unique Business Intelligence


Demeter, an agricultural inputs supplier that operates in West Africa, specializes in working with smallholder farmers to enhance crop yields using primarily organic fertilizers. In order to optimize their product offers and serve the needs of their customers, Demeter sought to utilize open-source

Leveraging Drones and AI to Increase the Efficiency and Decrease Risk in Reforestation Projects


Oko Environmental, a reforestation company dedicated to combating climate change by establishing indigenous forests in West Africa, intended to utilize drones and machine learning solutions to gather valuable data and insights

drone flying

Using AI and Drones to Create Precision Agricultural Systems for Commercial Farming


Managing large-scale commercial farms necessitates a lot of progress tracking and repetitive tasks, in addition to being manually overwhelming. However, crop management systems powered by drone-fed computer vision models are a solution to the traditional system of manual data collection, while improving data accuracy and providing valuable insights into farming operations.

Building a Model to Rapidly Identify Disease in Ghana’s Maize Plants


Maize is one of the most important crops for Ghana’s agricultural industry; there have been significant, largely successful, investments into finding solutions to increase yields over the years. However, maize diseases still pose a significant challenge for maize farmers and communities.

Sourcing and Annotating Large Volumes of Agricultural Imagery for Precision Spraying


Client X is a leading AgTech company focused on improving agricultural productivity and sustainability through cutting-edge technology solutions. Their aim was to have their in-house data science team develop a computer vision model that would detect and identify weeds.

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