Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation Services for the Construction Industry

AI has a wide range of applications in construction - from automating quality control to assisting with architectural drawings. Aya Data offers all types of industry-specific data science and AI services for the construction industry. We can acquire the data you need and structure and annotate it in accordance with your requirements. We can augment your in-house team with our specific expertise. Or, we can build bespoke AI solutions for construction from the ground up. Imagine what type of AI solution would best serve your business and Aya Data will find the optimal way to implement it.
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Data Acquisition for the Construction Industry

  1. Before a project begins, data acquisition deals with collecting relevant information for creating functional project plans – from assessing soil conditions to mapping existing buildings.
  2. Data acquisition systems can collect real-time data from construction sites, including information about the performance of machinery and equipment. This helps construction companies optimize equipment performance and schedule timely maintenance.
  3. Quality control can be automated with AI, but relevant physical data needs to be collected first. Aya Data can acquire all types of data for construction projects.

Data Annotation for Construction Projects

  1. Computer vision models can be trained to identify specific objects on construction sites. CV models need accurately annotated, labeled, and structured data – this is what Aya Data provides.
  2. Data annotation is the first step in the process of automatically identifying defective materials or structures. This can aid in early risk detection and lower safety hazards.
  3. Data annotation for construction also has a place in the drawing room. Architectural drawings annotated with metadata can help architects and engineers collaborate more efficiently and minimize the chance of human error.

AI Solutions for Construction Projects

  1. Machine learning models that are trained to detect defects can automate the QA process and perform it in real time, thus lowering the chance of errors during construction and the need for rebuilding. 
  2. AI models can be trained to monitor equipment performance, allowing for optimal usage, and predict when machinery will need maintenance or replacement.
  3. If historical and real-world data is combined to train ML models, they can create virtual simulations that predict how structures will behave under specific conditions. Thus, architects and engineers can more easily detect potential flaws.
Samuel Sundin
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) - Sam has a wealth of experience across the technology and AI value chain, with a career forged at Microsoft, IBM and Cloudfactory amongst others. As CCO at Aya Sam has a simple remit to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with businesses looking to access the power of AI.

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