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Fintech has always been about utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide efficient banking and financial services. Implementing AI solutions is the next natural step. Aya Data offers services across the entire AI value chain. We can augment your in-house teams if your project lacks specific experts. Our human-in-the-loop data acquisition and annotation services for Fintech can help you get the training datasets you need for ML models. We can also optimize the deployment of your existing ML models or create bespoke AI solutions from the ground up. Contact us to see how we can add value to your project.
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Data Acquisition for Fintech

  1. Predictive market analyses are one of the fundamental tasks of Fintech experts. A quality analysis necessitates relevant data in large volumes. This is what Aya Data can provide.
  2. One of the purposes of Fintech is to provide targeted services to specific customer segments. This entails acquiring data about individual financial transactions from customers – data that we can collect while always staying compliant with data privacy laws.
  3. Fintech analyses may require data from external sources. We can scrape the web, use open-source libraries and government sources, or procure the information you need from our partners.

Data Annotation for Fintech

  1. In the domain of Fintech, you are often dealing with very large volumes of unstructured data. We have a full-time team of annotation experts that can efficiently structure and annotate the data for your Fintech project at scale.
  2. High-accuracy data annotation is required to analyze market patterns and trends. Without a high-quality training dataset, no ML model can properly perform its function. Our human-in-the-loop annotation services guarantee high accuracy. 
  3. Aya Data can help you categorize data to create precise customer profiles for segmentation purposes and enable Fintech companies to provide personalized services.

AI Solutions for Fintech

  1. Many financial companies utilize chatbots to lessen the workload of CS but also serve diverse markets, making basic chatbots ineffective. AI voicebots are the next step, improving response times, lowering workloads, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  2. Machine learning models can be taught to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent transactions and flag potential cases of fraudulent behavior, ultimately lowering the risk of financial fraud.
  3. One of the most common uses of AI for Fintech is to assist with market analyses in all its forms. Aya Data can assist you in building and deploying an AI solution specific to your needs.

Fintech Case Studies

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