Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation Services for Geospatial Projects

Machine learning models are widely utilized in the geospatial industry. Whether they are used to recognize objects to make highly-detailed maps or help with urban planning, data science and AI solutions have become the basis of efficiently completing geospatial projects. Aya Data offers services across the entire AI value chain. We can help you acquire the data you need, annotate data to create training sets, optimize existing ML models, or build and deploy bespoke AI solutions from scratch. Or, we can augment your in-house teams if you are lacking specific expertise. Contact Aya Data if you need any assistance with your geospatial projects.
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Data Acquisition for the Geospatial Industry

  1. Data acquisition is the foundation for accurate and up-to-date mapping, infrastructure planning, spatial analysis, etc. In other words, data collection is the first step for any geospatial project.
  2. Aya Data can help you acquire real-world image, video, and sensor data for any project, from using LiDAR to drone imaging.
  3. We can also collect and curate relevant data from open-source libraries, scrape the web, or procure the necessary information from our partners in the geospatial field.

Data Annotation for Geospatial Projects

  1. Aya Data has trained, full-time data annotation staff that can be put to work on any geospatial project. We quickly and efficiently annotate all types of data, regardless of scale.
  2. We can label data so that training sets accurately recognize specific objects, from buildings to vegetation to specific attributes of objects. 
  3. Data annotation can create datasets that differentiate between geographic features and help machine learning models function correctly.

Data Science and AI Solutions for Geospatial Projects

  1. datasets, machine learning models can help create highly detailed maps and help with urban and infrastructure planning.
  2. AI solutions can help you automatically monitor changes to land cover over time, creating models that help with data-driven decision-making.
  3. Machine learning models that use real-time data can be taught to make traffic predictions, plan routes, and help with navigation.

Geospatial Case Studies

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Environmental Change Detection Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

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