Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation Services for the Medical/Healthcare Industry

AI solutions can improve patient care, facilitate more effective research, and help to make data-driven decisions. However, given the nature of the medical/healthcare industry, extreme caution is needed when undertaking machine learning projects. Aya Data can provide expert data acquisition and annotation services for AI projects in the medical/healthcare field. We can also augment your teams with the specific expertise you need or optimize and manage your existing ML models. On the other hand, we can build and deploy bespoke AI solutions from scratch. Aya Data provides services across the entire AI value chain so contact us to learn how we can fit into your plans.
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Data Acquisition for the Medical/Healthcare Industry

  1. Aya Data can collect and curate relevant data from your organization’s existing databases regardless of the scale, be it for medical imaging models or patient records acquired over the years.
  2. We can procure data from trials, research studies, surveys, questionnaires, or public health records by scraping the web or from our network of partners in the medical field.
  3. Aya Data can help you acquire real-world data from devices, such as monitors, smartwatches, or medical apps to improve the efficiency of the healthcare services you provide.

Data Annotation for the Medical/Healthcare Industry

  1. High-accuracy labeled data is crucial for any dataset that will be used for training ML models for the healthcare industry. Aya Data has full-time annotation experts who understand the weight of taking care of someone’s health.
  2. We can annotate text data so that all NLP models are bias-free, relevant, and up-to-date, whether it’s from electronic health records, studies, trials, or even doctor’s notes. Our team is C1/C2 level proficient in English, French, and over 10 African dialects.
  3. We will annotate medical videos and images with high accuracy so that ML models can function properly.

Data Science and AI for the Medical/Healthcare Industry

  1. Machine learning models, trained with the right datasets, can help with triage and diagnostics for faster and more accurate medical and healthcare processes.
  2. Monitoring patients is a time-consuming task that can be optimized and partially automated with AI solutions. Aya Data can help you build and deploy AI solutions that will assist with in-hospital and at-home patient monitoring.
  3. You can use ML models to predict patient flow, hospital occupancy, help with scheduling, and overall increase the effectiveness of your organization’s healthcare services.

Medical/Healthcare Case Studies

Digitizing African Healthcare Data for a More Equitable Future in Medicine

Securely Procuring and Annotating Large Volumes of 3D DICOM Medical Data

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