Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation Services for the Pharma Industry

AI solutions can expedite drug development, help with monitoring, improve the care provided to patients, and assist with the logistics aspects of the pharma industry. Aya Data provides services across the entire AI value chain. We can collect the data you need for your pharma project, accurately annotate data to use as training datasets, or create bespoke AI solutions for pharmaceutical companies. We can also augment your teams if you are lacking specific expertise or optimize the deployment of your machine learning models. Regardless of the industry-specific service regarding data science and AI you need, we can provide it.
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Data Acquisition for the Pharma Industry

  1. Aya Data can help you procure data from relevant clinical trials and research, from drug efficacy to patient information. All the information we collect is compliant with the applicable data privacy laws.
  2. We can collect data from your existing databases and curate it so that it can be used to train AI and ML models.
  3. Data acquisition for pharma projects can also be done via web scrapping or from open-source libraries. We have the expertise to collect the required data.

Data Annotation for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. We can label and categorize drug data regarding dosage and treatment schedules so that ML models can be trained to automize the distribution processes.
  2. Aya Data can accurately annotate medical videos and images to facilitate pharmaceutical research or to assist with diagnostic decisions.
  3. Our team of full-time data annotations specialists can efficiently annotate large volumes of text data from research, trials, and other pharma databases for any project.  

AI Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Machine learning models can be trained to analyze individual patients’ data in order to provide personalized care for each subject.
  2. AI solutions can assist in the drug discovery process by analyzing large amounts of chemical and biological data and how specific molecules interact, saving resources in the drug discovery process.
  3. ML models can be trained to find all types of patterns, from the likelihood of specific patients experiencing adverse reactions to drugs to identifying potential drug-to-drug interactions.
Samuel Sundin
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) - Sam has a wealth of experience across the technology and AI value chain, with a career forged at Microsoft, IBM and Cloudfactory amongst others. As CCO at Aya Sam has a simple remit to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with businesses looking to access the power of AI.

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