Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation for Retail

Could insight into real-time in-store and online customer behavior help your business? Would chatbots that understand your customers’ sentiments improve their satisfaction? Does a machine learning algorithm that accurately predicts future market conditions sound like a valuable asset? How about a way to optimize your supply chain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Aya Data’s data science and AI services for the retail industry are the solution. 
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Data Acquisition for Retail

  1. Aya Data can help you collect all important information about your customers, from the purchases they make to relevant demographic information – while staying compliant with all applicable data privacy laws. 
  2. We can help you gather real-world image and video data, be it from your stores or warehouses.
  3. Scrape the web or let us utilize our wide array of retail partners to collect information that can help you find patterns and make accurate market predictions.

Data Annotation for Retail

  1. We transform raw data into structured, highly accurate, and relevant information you can use to train machine learning algorithms.
  2. Our team of annotation experts is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and over 10 African dialects. We can understand the context, semantics, and colloquialisms of each language to correctly annotate the data for NLP models. 
  3. Our data annotation services for retail can help you build advanced visual search functions, help with the categorization of your online items, be the basis for accurate automatic recommendations for customers, and even help with search engine optimization.

Data Science and AI for Retail

  1. Build bespoke AI solutions from scratch for your business or integrate our in-house staff with your existing team to efficiently handle your AI needs.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction by creating custom chatbots and improve your conversions by having an ML algorithm accurately make suggestions and recommendations to your customers that will entice them to make new purchases.
  3. Stay ahead of the market by making correct predictive analyses based on historical data and market trends by training and deploying machine learning models.

Retail Case Studies

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Identifying Shoplifting Events in Real Time

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