Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation for the Utilities Sector

Utility companies can improve efficiency and reliability, better allocate their resources, and overall provide better services by implementing the latest tech solutions. From augmenting your in-house teams, to independently acquiring real-world and historical data, to accurately labeling the data and creating training sets, to developing and deploying bespoke AI solutions for the utilities sector, Aya Data can provide high-quality services in every segment of the AI value chain. 
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Data Acquisition for Utility Companies

  1. We can collect relevant data from your company’s existing databases and internal systems so that it can be properly used to fuel AI solutions that will enhance your business operations.
  2. Utility companies have been collecting real-world data for decades, but the old methods are no longer efficient. We utilize the latest data acquisition solutions to collect any up-to-date data you require. From LiDAR data on power lines to satellite imagery to identify the degree of solar radiation, we can help you acquire the data you need. 
  3. Aya Data can find data relevant to utility companies in large volumes by scrapping the web, using open-source libraries, or procuring data from our network of partners.

Data Annotation for Utility Companies

  1. We can accurately annotate data to create training sets that will enable your company to automatically detect damage or other anomalies on your utility lines.
  2. Data annotation is the basis for finding patterns and trends in consumer behavior relating to utilities. Annotating such large data sets requires a full-time, trained workforce – something Aya Data provides.
  3. Automating any and all processes relating to asset management, be it regarding your workforce or equipment, requires properly labeled and categorized training data sets. We can label even the largest data sets quickly and efficiently.

Data Science and AI Solutions for Utility Companies

  1. Machine learning models can be trained to find patterns in energy consumption, helping your company optimize distribution planning, improve grid stability, and even boost energy efficiency. 
  2. You can analyze real-world data to quickly detect power outages and abnormalities on your grid, helping your crews make repairs efficiently and improving the quality of your services.
  3. AI solutions for business intelligence can help you analyze the behaviors of your customers, letting your company provide the type of service each individual customer requires.

Utilities Case Studies

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Real-Time Transcription of American Police Radios

Precision Annotation on Road and Infrastructure Damage

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