Data Science, Data Acquisition, and Data Annotation for AgTech

From gathering historical and real-time environmental data, to annotating data to distinguish between crops and weeds and identifying diseases and pests, to training machine learning algorithms at scale, everything we do at Aya Data has one purpose - providing custom AI solutions to improve productivity for agricultural companies.
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Why You Need Our Data Annotation Services for AgTech:

  1. We have a permanent specialist annotation team, guaranteeing the highest quality of service.
  2. Our team consists of subject-matter experts, including agronomists, doctors, and LiDAR experts.
  3. We can scale our services according to your business needs, always functioning at peak efficiency.
  4. Aya Data has the expertise and experience to annotate data for the most complex and specific AgTech use cases.
  5. We offer only high-accuracy annotation for computer vision models and precise image and sensor data analysis.

Data Acquisition for AgTech

  1. Monitor environmental data like humidity, soil moisture, and temperature in real-time to make the correct decisions for your business.
  2. Utilize our wide network of partners from the agricultural industry to acquire region-specific historical data, from weather patterns to soil conditions.
  3. Manually collect image, video, and sensor data to train unique ML models.

Data Science and AI for AgTech

  1. Refine your planting strategies by building predictive machine learning models for your local.
  2. Optimize the way you detect pests and diseases to provide proper treatment and mitigate the damage before it spreads.
  3. Train machine learning models based on historical and real-time data to enhance your fertilization, irrigation, and soil management practices.

AgTech Case Studies

field with a tree

Combining Soil Acidity Data with Product Sales to Create Unique Business Intelligence

Leveraging Drones and AI to Increase the Efficiency and Decrease Risk in Reforestation Projects

drone flying

Using AI and Drones to Create Precision Agricultural Systems for Commercial Farming

Building a Model to Rapidly Identify Disease in Ghana’s Maize Plants

Sourcing and Annotating Large Volumes of Agricultural Imagery for Precision Spraying

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