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A CCO’s Perspective: A Chat About the Status of AI Right Now and AI in the Future

Hello Sam, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Could you tell us a bit about what Aya Data does, your position within the company, and what your regular week looks like?   Aya Data specializes in crafting scalable AI solutions that are designed to revolutionize companies globally, with its roots grounded in Africa. My […]


The Future of Geospatial AI: Will NASA’s Involvement Affect the Implementation for Businesses?

Hello Freddie. Could you introduce yourself and what you do at Aya Data and what you specialize in?   I founded Aya with our COO, Ama, in order to create an ethical data collection and annotation service – which we saw a huge need for. We quickly developed a specialism in Geospatial annotation – and […]