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A CCO’s Perspective: A Chat About the Status of AI Right Now and AI in the Future

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Hello Sam, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Could you tell us a bit about what Aya Data does, your position within the company, and what your regular week looks like?


Aya Data specializes in crafting scalable AI solutions that are designed to revolutionize companies globally, with its roots grounded in Africa. My role as the CCO involves steering the commercial strategies of our projects, constantly focused on adding value through the promotion of our innovative solutions.

My day-to-day duties are not standardized, so I can’t explain it in a few sentences.  In essence, my week is a rich tapestry of diverse tasks, always pivoting towards value creation, both internally and externally.


As the CCO, you deal with developing and implementing commercial strategies and you are a key part of a data science company – do you personally leverage AI to help you in your day-to-day work?

Absolutely, I rely heavily on technology solutions infused with AI elements, including tools like Pipedrive and Apollo. Our approach at Aya Data is to incorporate AI-first strategies to develop scalable processes, continuously seeking ways to innovate and enhance our service offerings and internal workflows through AI’s predictive and pattern-finding abilities.


Could you simplify how AI can help people in a similar position to yours?

In broad strokes, AI facilitates the uncovering of critical insights and the forecasting of trends and behaviors, enhancing accuracy and saving time that would otherwise be spent on manual analysis.


One of your roles is also to communicate with clients. What is your impression of the degree of familiarity clients have with AI and data science in general? Has it changed over the last few years?

It is somewhat of a mixed bag; the boundaries between AI, statistics, and Business Intelligence (BI) often blur. However, I must say that data literacy has certainly improved compared to 5-10 years ago, with a growing number of individuals gaining a nuanced understanding of AI and its capabilities. But we are still at the very beginning of the journey to fully realizing AI’s potential.

Does AI help you be more effective in client management?

While it does offer some enhancements, we have yet to fully capitalize on the potential AI holds in optimizing client management. It is indeed beneficial at times, but we strive for a far higher level of efficacy.


Let’s switch gears and move to a more negative topic – do you think or fear AI may make certain positions obsolete, causing people to lose jobs en masse?

I resonate with the thought that it’s not AI that might replace individuals, but those leveraging AI effectively will. At Aya Data, we remain proactive, exploring ways to utilize AI to enhance value for both our clients and team members, thus staying a step ahead in the industry.

What sectors do you think will be the most affected by the advances of AI in the next decade? 

The sectors that will undergo the most transformation are those that work hand in hand with the evolving AI technology, adopting a central role in value creation. While these sectors will be tasked with adapting continuously, they also harbor the potential to seize the opportunities presented by the advancements and stay relevant in the changing landscape.


Do you have any predictions regarding the development of AI in general or any other specific subsets of data science?

The trajectory of AI development will witness exponential growth, surprising many who are not intimately involved in the field. I foresee a vital shift towards democratized and ethical AI, though it might be a gradual process. This change is pivotal in shaping the societal structures for the forthcoming century.


Finally, do you believe AI could be the technological breakthrough that could lead to the next era of human development? A new industrial revolution, so to say?

Terming it an industrial revolution might undersell the monumental impact AI is poised to have. AI has the power to redefine our world fundamentally, from eradicating diseases and poverty to fostering sustainable and clean industries and energy systems. It promises to orchestrate a future of abundance and progression, transcending the benchmarks set by any previous revolution.


Well, thank you for taking time out of your day to share your insights with us, Sam.

Thank you for having me!